The Artivist Sailing

Because artivists do not disembark; they live within the conflict and embark on the difficult and risky task of transforming it.

As artists, being creators instead of destroyers of things, we understand that peace is not one of the options, but rather the only sustainable option.
Gernika Declaration, 1st International Meeting of Art and Peace, December 2003.

Art is now the only evolutionary-revolutionary [(re)evolutionary] power capable of dismantling the repressive effects of a senile social system to build a SOCIAL ORGANISM AS A WORK OF ART. This most modern art discipline — Social Sculpture/ Social Architecture — will only reach fruition when every living person becomes a creator, a sculptor, or architect of the social organism. Only then would the Happening be fulfilled. […] EVERY HUMAN BEING IS AN ARTIST who — from within his state of freedom — learns to determine his position in the TOTAL ARTWORK OF THE FUTURE SOCIAL ORDER.
Joseph Beuys, I am searching for field character, 1973.

The Artivist Sailing: Artherapy and Artivism is a process of research, participation and exhibition based on the potentiality of art in addressing the social emergencies of our time. We embark on an imaginary vessel in order to sail through the rough seas of civil, human and ecosystemic rights and duties. ‘Artivism’ will be our propeller and rudder.

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The logbook:
Five types of activities will determine the direction, drifts, and maneuvers of The Artivist Sailing.

1) Civil Rights and Duties;
2) Human Rights and Duties;
3) Enviromental Rights and Duties.

1) The Deck Circles with invited groups and persons: Combatants for Peace, Žene u Crnom, Artifariti, Mosireen, RutaPacífica de lasMujeres, Enmedio, Ruckus Society, UK Uncut, Yes Men or Center for Artistic Artivism, among others. Each will have a duration of 3 hours.
2) The Laboratory Sessions inspired by the Deck Circles.  The duration will oscillate between 6 and 8 hours.
3) Citizen Interventions. Designed and programmed by the participants as part of the Laboratory Sessions, this part will be announced after the Laboratory.
4) Exhibitions of all the documentation, imaginary or physical, generated throughout our voyage.


Brochure: Embarcada Generico FR_INGL

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The ArtivistSailing: Artherapy and Artivism is an initiative organized by the Gernika Gogoratuz Peace Research Center and the Gernika Peace Museum for the Lighthouse of Peace of the Donostia-San Sebastian 2016 European Capital of Culture.